Over 30 Years
Safety And Rescue Experience


IRST has a broad range of clients, in a number of different spheres:

  • Telecommunications: Equipment, Training, Consultancy to all the major telecommunications comp[anies in Ireland.
  • Rescue: Equipment, Training, Consultancy to 19 Local Authority Fire & Rescue Services, Coastguard and Mountain Rescue Teams.
  • Manufacturing Industry: safety equipment, training, and Emergency resporse team training.
  • Construction Industry: Fall Protection Equipment & training, emergency response.

What our clients say about us

“Training course was very beneficial, very good, easy to understand”

“Confidence inspiring”

“The course had a very practical and hands-on approach to learning, giving each student maximum exposure to the equipment and practicing techniques.”

“The equipment provided was most impressive, and simple to use”

“The course was a good success – comments so far have been very positive.”